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Prisoner of War & Internment Camps: Tatura and Rushworth

1 Oct 2018

During the First World War, the theatres of Europe felt worlds away for Australians on the home front. The Second World War’s Pacific stage brought war closer to home. For some Victorian country towns, the repercussions of war arrived right on their doorstep.

Curated By

Alana Bennett Mazzilli, Work experience student, Academy of Mary Immaculate

145212 items


145212 items

Blade, Laryngoscope, Macintosh

Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History, Melbourne

Macintosh semi curved blade designed in a baby size, without light bulb attached. Minor scratches and some slight hit marks over the piece surface caused by its previous use. It has the manufacturer name and brand and the place where it was made at the back of the blade base.

Historical information

The design of this item is associated to what was "first described by Professor R. R. Macintosh in the Lancet of February 13th, 1943, this design is now the acknowledged leader throughout the world." (PENLON, 1969) Reference: PENLON. 1969. Anaesthetic Equipment - Longworth Scientific Instrument Company LTD. Abingdon, Berkshire, England. January 1969. The manufacturer of this blade is the Boots UK Limited pharmacy company, they apparently had a branch in Australia to distribute their medical and pharmaceutical equipment and part of them was focused on the manufacturing of laryngoscopes blades. The Boots company reproduced this trending design used in the anaesthetic practice. URL Reference: /

Inscriptions & Markings

Stamped at the blade back base area, BOOTS AUSTRALIA / MADE IN ENGLAND

Photograph - Proclamation of the City of Ringwood procession - 19 March, 1960.

Ringwood and District Historical Society, Ringwood

Inscriptions & Markings

Typed below photograph, 'Parade 1960 Maroondah Highway'. Catalogue card reads, 'Declaration of City. Float. Background. Left - site of demolished Cool Store corner of Maroondah H'way and Wantirna Rd. Clock Tower formerly at junction of Highway and Warrandyte Rd. moved to this site.'

Video Tape - Danny Goldman's presentation to the Temple Society

Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum, Tatura

Historical information

Danny Goldman's presentation to the Temple Society, Melbourne on his research into and restoration of the former Templer settlement at Sarona, Palestine, 29.08.2004


Vision Australia,

1 blue and white dog coat with red tartan lining

Historical information

Blue synthetic dog coat with red tartan brushed cotton lining. The words ' SEDA' and 'SEEING EYE DOGS australia' are writtin in white on both sides of the coat, with the SEDA logo located above the words. On one side, a set of four paw prints are adjacent to the writing. Velcro straps secure the coat to the dog across the stomach and chest.

Inscriptions & Markings


WTS Yearbook -Geronimo

Wangaratta High School, Wangaratta

Green yearbook with a black and white full page image of on of the WTS buildings on the cover, and in the top left corner is text reading 1983 GERONIMO

Inscriptions & Markings


soda water syphon

Blacksmith's Cottage and Forge , Bacchus Marsh

A heavy glass bottle with a weighted base, fluted sides, an etched label on the side and a metal syphon attachment at the top.

Historical information

Domestic use soda syphon

Inscriptions & Markings

W. Whittaker & Sons. W.W & Sons DUNOLLY British Syphon Co. London No. 762/(metal syphon) E. Rowlands. Proprietary Limited British Syphon M.F.G.Co Ltd LONDON


Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc., COWES

A pamphlet written by Alec Hepburn of "Caravan World", promoting Caravan Parks and the history and attractions of Phillip Island. Called "Pirates Paradise".

Historical information

One of three items donated by Graeme Clauscen.

Photograph - Kindergarten students in classroom, Shakespeare Grove, 1960s

Bialik College, Hawthorn East 3123

Historical information

Three students in the kindergarten classroom, Shakespeare Grove, 1960s. Students possibly dressed in costume for Purim celebrations. Please contact to request access to this record.

Teaset silver

Bright & District Historical Society operating the Bright Museum, Bright

00053.1 Silver tray with ornate handles and holly decoration. 00053.2 Teapot. Spherical shape with attached lid. 00053.3 Two handled sugar bowl. 00053.4 Milk jug

Historical information

Mr.and Mrs Don Jessup and Mr.and Mrs.Ted Jessup presented the teaset to the then President of the Bright and District Historical Society, Mrs. Gwyneth Millar. The trophy was won by their uncle, Charles Jessup, in 1909 for cycling at the Bright Easter Sports Meeting.

Inscriptions & Markings

00053.1 Presented by the, Tewksberry \ Amal. Gold Dredging Co. \ to the \ Bright \ Easter Sports Club \ Won by \ G. Jessup \ Easter 1909 00053.2 Lily E.P.N.S. A1 00053.3 Imperial A1 E.P.N.S. Hand soldered. 14 00053.4 26 A1 Imperial E.P.N.S. Hand soldered

Booklet - Air Raid Precautions: Advice to Householders, 1941

Kew Historical Society Inc, Kew

This booklet was published by the State Emergency Council for Civil Defence Victoria in April 1941. The 37-page work provides advice about what to do in an air raid, lighting restrictions, the use of road vehicles and safety for pedestrians, and shelters. The final pages of the book include a number of illustrations providing guidelines for air raid shelter construction.

Inscriptions & Markings



Bendigo Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum, Bendigo

Large timber frame, mid brown colour, dark green mount with glass. 2 black &white panoramic photos of the 1st Australian Division, Egypt. Camp scenes with tents, pyramids & sand.

Inscriptions & Markings

Below photos in black ink: The 1st Australian Division, Australian Imperial Force - Egypt, 1914-15. Handwritten in black felt tip pen: Property Bendigo RSL Museum, Peter Ball.


Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia Inc, Caulfield

Sydney Caine's Sloyd Certificate,at Tasma

Historical information

This item is part of the Thomas Caine Tool Collection, owned by The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and curated by the Hand Tools Preservation Association of Australia.

Framed Photograph - Brigadier A. J McNeilage ADC

4th/19th Prince of Wales's Light Horse Regiment Unit History Room, Macleod

Framed colour head and shoulders photo of Brigadier A J McNeilage

Historical information

Army practice is to display photos of key personnel in depots


LTCOL McNeilage was Commanding Officer of the Regiment from 1989-91. He was promoted to Commander 4th Brigade, of which 4/19 PWLH Regiment is part.

Inscriptions & Markings

Caption: Brigadier A.J. McNeilage ADC Commander 4th Brigade On back - Sticker of 'The Picture Factory (Aust) Pty Ltd'

Military Drving Licence

Running Rabbits Military Museum operated by the Upwey Belgrave RSL Sub Branch, Upwey

Military Drving Licence In namepf Peter Gerald Sampson

Photograph - colour - Morphett's Engine House, Burra, South Australia

Victorian Interpretive Projects Inc., Redan, 3350

Three colour digital images of Morphett's Engine House, Burra, South Australia

Historical information

Morphett's Engine House was restored and opened to the public in 1986.

Newspaper Clipping - Pressure for Ring Road Link builds

Greensborough Historical Society,

News clipping, black text.

Historical information

RACV reports that the missing link between the Metropolitan Ring Road and Eastern Freeway should be a priority.

Oil Painting - Judith 3/68 South Audley St London

The Dunmoochin Foundation, Cottles Bridge

Painting of a woman with short red hair seated by a window and wearing a white nightgown.

Inscriptions & Markings

Inscribed (Ll) 'Judith, 3/68 South Audley St, London W1 and signed 'Clifton Jan 75'.

Chocolate Box: "Chocolate Surfin Pascall"

Sovereign Hill and Gold Museum, Ballarat

a gold embossed chocolate box with a blue ribbon and bow. a round picture of a lady in historical hat & dress, the picture is outlined in decorative blue & gold ribbon. brown & gold seal attached to the ribbon with a metal clip? has "chocolate surfin pascall" written on it. there is also a thin blue ribbon attached to the inside & coming down the sides of the box. inside the lid is two labels. one says "no 7919 3/4lb bett." the other says "pascall 4/4lb nett." the botton is white with a gold-yellow base. one small round label says "weight includes foils." small white label says "46v." paper lace lining the inside top rim.


Uniting Church Archives - Synod of Victoria, Malvern East

Waist length colour portrait of the Rev Bryan Nicholls, dressed in ecumenical alb and blue stole. The photograph is mounted on brown card.

Historical information

Bryan Nicholls was ordained on 1 January 1994 and entered permanent retirement on 1st January 2006. His ministry was at the Mount Pleasant Uniting Church.

Inscriptions & Markings

"Mount Pleasant Ministry: Rev. Bryan Nicholls B. Theol. 1995 - 2005"

Book - Le Havre illustrated - France 1917

Lara RSL Sub Branch, Lara

Le Havre illustrated - France 1917

Tin - quinine

Blacksmith's Cottage and Forge , Bacchus Marsh

Small tin with inscription on hinged lid

Historical information

Domestsic item - medicinal

Inscriptions & Markings


What's wrong with Australia

Unions Ballarat, Ballarat

Paper; hardback book.

Historical information

"What's Wrong With Australia?" claims to analyse Australia's "Communist menace" and the damage it has done to the country. The book reflects paranoia about Communism that was typical of the 1950s. There are reflections upon Communist influence upon the Tramways Union, Waterside Workers Federation, the building industry, strikes, railway services, the Labor Party and more.


The book was written in 1953 by the Hon EJ Hogan who was a former leader of the Victorian Labor Party, who twice served as state premier. Relevant to Australian political and union history.

Inscriptions & Markings

Title and author's name on the front of the book.

Black and white photograph

Port of Echuca , Echuca

Black and white photograph of a row of houses with picket fences. Location identified as Rosel's Corner, Watson St. Echuca. Copy of original from Latrobe Library collection.

Historical information

This photograph was taken in the 1960s (c.1963) along Crofton street, opposite the caravan park, showing the corner building which was previously Rosel's Cordial shop and two small weathboard cottages. This site became known as Rosel's Corner. The photograph is reversed because the shop was the corner of Watson and Crofton street.


This photograph shows a row of small weatherboard houses with picket fences, along Watson Street Echuca. These were most likely, workmen cottages. It is believed that Augustus Rosel, cordial brewer, was located on the corner of Watson and Crofton street. It is believed these houses were demolished sometime between 1963-1970.

Inscriptions & Markings

On reverse in pencil: "c.1960. Rosel's Corner, Watson St., east side of present corner shop opp. C'van Park. Augustus Rosel in 1872-73 Directory, Brewer." In blue pen: " Larcouche's, then Trevena's"

Living history

Unions Ballarat, Ballarat

Book; 562 pages. Dustjacket: grey background; black and white photograph of Hillary Clinton; gold and white lettering; author's name and title. Cover: black background; gold and white lettering; author's name and title.

Historical information

Memoirs of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton was the first lady (1992-2000) during the presidency of Bill Clinton has also served as a diplomat and politician (for example, senator & attorney general). She nominated for the presidency in the 2016 elections, but was unsuccessful.


Autobiographical interest - Hillary Clinton. Politics - United States of America.

Photograph - Kangaroo Ground Emergency Operations Centre, 35 Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Road, Kangaroo Ground

Eltham District Historical Society Inc, Eltham

Roll of 35mm colour negative film, 5 of 7 strips

Inscriptions & Markings

Kodak GA 100 5095

Book - The law of agency

RMIT GSBL Justice Smith Collection, Melbourne

Second edition

Historical information

Previous owners: T. H. Smith, T. W. Smith

Article - Sauro Antonelli AM, by Rosie Bray

Greensborough Historical Society,

2 p. text and col. photographs, 1 col. photographic print

Historical information

Sauro Antonelli was awarded an AM for services to the Italian community in 2007 and for his work in state and local government in community and ethnic affaira


Bendigo Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum, Bendigo

.1) .50 calibre shell casing, brass. .2) .50 calibre round, brass with rifling.

Historical information

Item souveniered by H.J.B.Burrell BEM MM, VX56959. Refer 290, 296.2P, 297.2P 298.4.

Inscriptions & Markings

.1) "u" "2"

Bullet Clip - .303

Ballarat RSL Sub-Branch Inc., Invermay Park


Ballarat Clarendon College, Ballarat

Sixteen books, variously titled and sized, including 13 volume set 'The history of the great European war.

Historical information

Thirteen books donated by Mrs Paterson to the Weatherly Library at Ballarat College in 1946. Books include hand-written signatures of Mollie Paterson and William Paterson. This may identify the books as having been donated by the wife of old collegian William Paterson who attended Ballarat College 1917 - 1825. He served on the Ballarat College council 1960-1971.

Inscriptions & Markings

Book plate inside front covers: Ballarat College Library / PRESENTED BY / Mrs Paterson 1946

Photo Album page - Photo Album; Eltham Christian School, Nyora Road, Eltham, 1981-1984

Eltham District Historical Society Inc, Eltham

Page from photo album with photos and captions

Historical information

Page from photo album; Eltham Christian School, Nyora Road, Eltham, 1981-1984 Series of photographs from a magnetic photo album relating to the staff, students and activities of the Eltham Christian School which operated as part of the Eltham Christian Church at Nyora Road, Eltham. See also entries for each photograph.


National Wool Museum, Geelong

Inscriptions & Markings


Photograph - Heathmont Primary School Softball Team - Metropolitan Premiers 1973. Framed photograph

Ringwood and District Historical Society, Ringwood

Heathmont Primary School Softball Team - Metropolitan Premiers 1973. Framed photograph.; Coach John Deany; Names of team members on back. +Additional Keywords: Deany, John

Lydiard St Sth looking from Town Hall tower 1970s

Ballarat Mechanics' Institute (BMI Ballarat), Ballarat

ANZAC Commemorative Medallion of 551 L Harry Atkins

Geelong RSL Sub Branch,

Round bronze medallion surmounted with King Edward Crown ANZAC printed round the bottom of the medallion, the reverse of the medallion has an impression of Australia and New Zealand and the Southern Cross.

Historical information

This medallion has been awarded to 551 Pte L Harry Atkins who served with the AMF during WW1 with 'C' Company 22 Bn.


This is the original Medallion awarded to Pte L Harry Atkins. The ANZAC Commemorative Medallion was awarded to personnel who served on Gallipoli.

Inscriptions & Markings

Inscribed on the back of the medallion L H Atkins.

Central Register of Male Prisoners Williams Albert alias Frederick Bayley Williams alias Deeming

Public Record Office Victoria, North Melbourne

Ledger book page with prison record entry and three photographs of the prisoner.

Historical information

Add fucntion and content from Access the Collection

Caulfield Properties

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Photograph of Crotonhurst mansion, date unknown

Book - Country Women's Association of Victoria - Myart Knit & Crochet

Kiewa Valley Historical Society, Mt Beauty

Small coloured 16 page book with a cover showing 4 squares of knitted and crocheted items. At the top the book has a light green background with white writing and some black writing. The back cover is similar with 4 different items. The book is bound with 2 staples. The book has patterns with instructions for knitted & crocheted items.

Historical information

This book was used by members of the Tawonga C.W.A.. The group exhibited their handicrafts and made items for charity. The Tawonga branch of the C.W.A. commenced on the 7th Feb. 1946 and often combined activities with the other branches in the Kiewa Valley. The C.W.A. aimed to improve health, welfare and education for women and children in the country.


Women living in Tawonga were mostly on farms and, in 1946, when the branch commenced would have been feeling more remote with WW11 having had an effect on available workers and the well being of the women and children.

Inscriptions & Markings

Cover: 'Myart / Knit & Crochet' - on left. 'Handcraft / Nylon Yarn' - on right. 'Teijin 40c / Book 14' - top right in black

Photo - Exhibition at the Royal Melbourne Show, 1960

Slovenian Association Melbourne, Research

Black and white photo of the Slovenian stand at the Royal melbourne Show Exhibition in 1960

Inscriptions & Markings

Traditional Slovenian craft items17 x 20.50 cm

Artwork - Painting

Federation University Australia Art Collection ,

Historical information

Robert Waghorn was a mature age student at the Ballarat School of Mines when Head of the Art Department, Brian McLennan, commissioned this work.

Library Book Australia's Heritage. (1) - Australia's Heritage. ( Folder)

City of Moorabbin Historical Society operating the Box Cottage Museum, Ormond

A white folder with a copy of Australia's Coat of Arms in gold, embossed on the front with Australian Heritage written underneath. The folder is a collection of magazines on thin metal rods that form the spine.What is interesting the numbering of the pages, they start at 1 on the first magazine and the last magazine has 336 on the last page.

Historical information

The magazine collection ( like a encyclopaedia) covers the history of Australia from the Dutch Explorers, Edward Lord in Van Diemen's Land up till Australia in the early 1970's.

Inscriptions & Markings


Duldig, Karl (Artist)

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A typed short biography of Karl Duldig, undated & unattributed, ranging from his early life and education to his death (B 1902 – D1986)

001239 - Photograph - Wyeth Bay, Inverloch - Yachts - from L Bailey

Inverloch Historical Society, Inverloch

Meat Mincer/Food Chopper - Food Chopper - LF & C No. 1. Universal

Anglesea and District Historical Society, Anglesea

Cast iron meat mincer/food chopper. Patent Oct.12, 1897 Apr. 18, 1899 Re Sept. 5, 1899 Only one grinding plate - attached.

Inscriptions & Markings

Name of maker and above dates.

Cloth Badges Vietnam

RSL Waverley Sub Branch , Glen Waverley

Set of 2 round cloth badges

Inscriptions & Markings

Operational Support Unit RAAF VietNam Australian Vietnam Forces 1962-1973

Photograph - Jacksons Cottage

Port Fairy Historical Society , Port Fairy


Mortice axe

Churchill Island Heritage Farm, Newhaven

Modern handle. Blacksmith made. some pitting.

Inscriptions & Markings

Long V decoration along head.

Shell Casing & Projectile

Running Rabbits Military Museum operated by the Upwey Belgrave RSL Sub Branch, Upwey

20mm Cannon shell & projectile


Hume City Civic Collection, Sunbury

A coloured photograph of John Watson, John kelly and Des Dumbrell at a meeting of the former Shire of Bulla council. Des. Dumbrell is standing to address the meeting and the other two men are seated at a table.

Historical information

des Dumbrell was the retiring Shire Peresident when this photograph was taken. John Kelly was the shire secretary and John Watson was the assistant shire secretary.

Photographs: Preston Technical School 1980s Staff

NMIT (Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE),

Coloured photographs of various sizes of Preston Technical School staff of the 1980s including all years from 1980-1989