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Talking Shop: Ballarat in Business and City Life at Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

27 Jun 2019

Curated By

Amy Tsilemanis, Curator, Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute

171520 items


171520 items

Photograph - Colour - St Mary's Church, Dullingham

Ballarat Heritage Services, Bakery Hill Post Office

Historical information

St Mary's Dullingham is a parish in the Raddesley Benefice.

Photograph - Headstone and grave: Ebenezer James (1841 - 1901)

Mission to Seafarers Victoria, Docklands

Large Sepia photograph on paper mount features an Inscribed marble Headstone and grave with a stone facing and surround supporting low decorative cast iron railing. There are flowers and ferns on the grave.Across edge of grave in White upper case: J ROBINSON CARLTON appears to be over printed, the Sepia image may be a copy of an original photograph. Inscription on the headstone can be read, see full wording below in History field.

Historical information

Headstone inscription: "In Affectionate Remembrance / EBENEZER JAMES / late Chaplain to the Naval Forces of Victoria / and / The Victorian Seamen's Mission/ This stone is erected / by Friends of all nationalities and creeds as a mark of esteem for his unselfish and consistent Christian efforts for the social and moral advancement of our sailors/ and / in recognition of.... his indefatigable and praiseworthy exertions the stamping out in Victoria of the cruel degrading maritime curse of crimping was mainly due. / Born 11th of March 1841 Died 14th of July 1901/ "A good deed is never lost. He who sows / courtesy reaps friendship and he who plants kindness gathers love." Basil. The Headstone was found at the Melbourne Cemetery, Carlton in 2016. Rev James worked at Port Melbourne and Williamstown Missions but was also a regular visit to Geelong and other coastal ports and beside encouraging fortnightly entertainments and Chapel services, actively shipvisiting to meet with Seamen.


This image documents in full the inscription on this commissioned marble headstone marking the grave of a significant figure, the second Chaplain at Port Melbourne, and an important figure in the development and story of not only the Mission to Seafarers in Victoria but also in the life of the Naval Force of Victoria prior to Federation. Rev James was not only an influential figure in the stamping out of crimping, the exploitation of seamen, but also actively worked with government and community to improve the quality of life by active lobbying for the controlled licensing of hotels and liquor sources to limit the incidence of drunkeness rife in the Ports and Wharves of Victoria in the late 19th Century. See also MTSV 0030

Inscriptions & Markings

on the paper mount below lwr edge of Photograph: "T. TENNENT 'PHOTO-GOLD TS' COLLINGWOOD"

Papers - History of Mt Beauty State School No. 4644

Kiewa Valley Historical Society, Mt Beauty

Two A3 papers with typed history of the Mt Beauty State School No. 4644 with sources sited.

Historical information

10 points of history pertaining to the History of the Mt Beauty State School which was built in 1947 as a result of the increase in student population due to the State Electricity Commission of Victoria's construction of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. Sources sited from School records and S.E.C.V records.


The papers give a detailed account of the History of the Mt Beauty State School with sources sited giving accuracy to the account.


Clunes Museum, Clunes


Inscriptions & Markings


Photograph Album - Ballarat University College Graduation

Federation University Australia Historical Collection (Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre), Mount Helen

Maroon card covered photograph album of Ballarat University College Graduation at Founders Hall, Mount Helen.

Historical information

Ballarat University College was a predecessor of Federation University.

Photo - Troup - Councilor J.Troup.

Learmonth and District Historical Society Inc., Learmonth

Sepia Photo, oval,of Councilor J.Troup,set in pinkish/tan mount with decorative features of flowers in tan,blue and white.It is at left of bottom row of composite photos of all councilors for 1911-12.

Historical information

Councilor J.Troup was elected as a member of council in 1907 until 1919.He was appointed Shire President in 1913-14.


Original Hstoric Photo.

Inscriptions & Markings

Presented to the Ballarat Shire Council.J.Dickie Esq. J.P.President 1911-12.

Horse Brass

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, Warrnambool

Ornate Horse Brass, broken and half missing, Artefact Reg No S/??. Recovered from the wreck of the Schomberg.

Historical information

When the ship Schomberg was launched in 1855, she was considered the most perfect clipper ship ever to be built. James Blaine’s Black Ball Line had commissioned her to be built for their fleet of passenger liners. At a cost of £43,103, the Aberdeen builders designed her to sail faster than the quick clippers designed by North American Donald McKay. She was a three masted wooden clipper ship, built with diagonal planking of British oat with layers of Scottish larch. This luxury vessel was designed to transport emigrants to Melbourne in superior comfort. She had ventilation ducts to provide air to the lower decks and a dining saloon, smoking room, library and bathrooms for the first class passengers. At the launch of Schomberg’s maiden voyage, her master Captain ‘Bully’ Forbes, drunkenly predicted that he would make the journey between Liverpool and Melbourne in 60 days. Schomberg departed Liverpool on 6 October 1855 with 430 passengers and 3000 tons cargo including iron rails and equipment intended the build the Geelong Railway and a bridge over the Yarra from Melbourne to Hawthorn. The winds were poor as Schomberg sailed across the equator, slowing her journey considerably. She was 78 days out of Liverpool when she ran aground on a sand-spit near Peterborough, Victoria, on 27 December; the sand spit and the currents were not marked on Forbes’s map. Overnight, the crew launched a lifeboat to find a safe place to land the ship’s passengers. The scouting party returned to Schomberg and advised Forbes that it was best to wait until morning because the rough seas could easily overturn the small lifeboats. The ship’s Chief Officer spotted SS Queen at dawn and signalled the steamer. The master of the SS Queen approached the stranded vessel and all of Schomberg’s passengers were able to disembark safely. The Black Ball Line’s Melbourne agent sent a steamer to retrieve the passengers’ baggage from the Schomberg. Other steamers helped unload her cargo until the weather changed and prevented the salvage teams from accessing the ship. Local merchants Manifold & Bostock bought the wreck and cargo, but did not attempt to salvage the cargo still on board the ship. They eventually sold it on to a Melbourne businessman and two seafarers. After two of the men drowned when they tried to reach Schomberg, salvage efforts were abandoned. In 1975, divers from Flagstaff Hill, including Peter Ronald, found an ornate communion set at the wreck. The set comprised a jug, two chalices, a plate and a lid. The lid did not fit any of the other objects and in 1978 a piece of the lid broke off, revealing a glint of gold. As museum staff carefully examined the lid and removed marine growth, they found a diamond ring, which is currently on display in the Great Circle Gallery. Flagstaff Hill also holds ship fittings and equipment, personal salvaged from the wreck by Peter Ronald, former director of Flagstaff Hill.effects, a lithograph, tickets and photograph from the Schomberg. Most of the artefacts were salvaged from the wreck by Peter Ronald, former director of Flagstaff Hill.


The Schomberg, which is on the Victorian Heritage Register (VHR S612), has great historical significance as a rare example of a large, fast clipper ship on the England to Australia run, carrying emigrants at the time of the Victorian gold rush. She represents the technical advances made to break sailing records between Europe and Australia. Flagstaff Hill’s collection of artefacts from the Schomberg is significant for its association with the shipwreck, The collection is primarily significant because of the relationship between the objects, as together they have a high potential to interpret the story of the Schomberg. It is archaeologically significant as the remains of an international passenger Ship. It is historically significant for representing aspects of Victoria’s shipping history and for its association with the shipwreck and the ship, which was designed to be fastest and most luxurious of its day

Uniform, Australian Air Force Jacket

Ringwood RSL Sub-Branch, Ringwood

Navy Blue jacket with Gold Buttons and Sergeant Stripes plus waist belt.

Photograph - Mutton Bird Eggers' Camp Cape Woolamai

Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc., COWES

View on Cape Woolamai of Mutton Birders' Camps and their boats anchored in the bay. Figures on beach and sitting around their tents.

Historical information

Part of a collection of Rose & Valentine series Post Cards. Copied by John Jansson

Inscriptions & Markings

Mutton bird eggers camps Cape Woolamai


Orbost & District Historical Society , Orbost

An album of photos and information on local schools from 1960 -2003. It contains photographs,and photo-copied information. The title over is hand-drawn.

Historical information

This album was compiled by Margaret Smith as a reference for visitors to the Orbost Visitor Information Centre (Slab Hut).


This item is a useful research tool.

Painting - Oil - Ludwig Winter painting

Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum, Tatura

Oil painting in plain cream chamfered timber frame. Man in foreground with hut, high peimeter fencing and guard tower.

Historical information

Painted by former internee in Loveday camp, thought to be Ludwig Winter, and given to Mrs. Gillies. Winter, was interned from Persia, and on his release, obtained a position as Electrical Engineer at the Kyabram Cannery.

Inscriptions & Markings



Stawell Historical Society Inc, Stawell

Historical information

Main Street. Street Parade led by Stawell Band near Holy Trinity Church. Bootmaker Mr Webster. Barker Bros Grocers. Town Hall.

Photograph - X-ray caravan on the grounds of St Francis Church Lonsdale St 1962 - Department of Health - Tuberculosis Branch - Chest X-Ray Surveys program

Department of Health and Human Services, Melbourne

Photo from Accession AS/14/612


Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia Inc,

Plane, wood, sidebead, 1/8"

Historical information

This item is part of the Thomas Caine Tool Collection, owned by The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and curated by the Hand Tools Preservation Association of Australia.

Collection AWAS

Running Rabbits Military Museum operated by the Upwey Belgrave RSL Sub Branch, Upwey

AWAS - Photos, Service sheets, notebook.

Photograph - Matcham Skipper

Montsalvat, Eltham

Black and white photograph of Matcham Skipper standing at the door to his studio at Montsalvat.

Inscriptions & Markings


Photograph - William Rooney

Tatura Irrigation & Wartime Camps Museum, Tatura

William Rooney, first Shire of Rodney Secretary - Enquirer

Cartons stored off-site - Carton Awaiting cataloguing:labelled Norwood Primary School - donated by NPS, unknown date

Ringwood and District Historical Society, Ringwood

Carton labelled Norwood Primary School - donated by NPS, unknown date (still to be catalogued)


Geelong RSL Sub Branch, Belmont

Brown, oblong suitcase.

Historical information

This Suitcase was issued to 49974 Kenneth Moore who served with RAAF during WW2.


This Suitcase is original and was issued to 49974 Kenneth Moore, RAAF.

Inscriptions & Markings

On the front of the suitcsase, 49974, RAAF

Photograph - A Tait (Red Rattler) train bound for Princes Bridge commences crossing the Eltham Railway Trestle Bridge, c.1981

Eltham District Historical Society Inc, Eltham

Digital TIFF file Scan of 35mm Ilford FP4 black and white transparency


Orbost & District Historical Society , Orbost

A large oyster shell fossil from the Miocene Era. There is evidence of borers. It is a Mother-of-Pearl flap.

Historical information

Inspected by George Rawlings 6.2.2013.


Fossils are among the most valuable sources of information about the Earth's history.


Queen Victoria Women's Centre, Melbourne

Colour Photograph. Volunteers Christmas Party. Taken in ground floor entrance foyer at the southern end of the QVWC building. Five women stand between two doors on the eastern side which lead to the cafe. These were volunteers for the Trust. Left to right: Cecelia Silverman, Maria Kremidas, Leonie Christopherson, Helen Armitage, and Sylvia Chesterman.


Tennis Australia, Melbourne

White plastic pen, lid branded with Ford logo. Consists of pen, circular lid and white neck cord. Materials: Plastic, Ink, Cord

Badges - x 2

Ballarat RSL Sub-Branch Inc., Invermay Park

Historical information

This object relates to Dawn Pope (F3207460). Dawn Pope was not a prisoner of war.

Inscriptions & Markings

"Australia Remembers - 1945 - 1995"


Diamond Valley Vietnam Veterans Sub Branch,

Two medallions showing front and reverse faces of a medallion issued at Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, 2014 National Congress, hosted by Macarthur Sub Branch. Front face shows an APC with text on upper edge: "Phouc Hai-South Vietnam" and text on bottom edge: "Lest We Forget"; the two text lines are joined by leaves. Text in the middle of the face: "In memory of the sacrifice made by 6RAR & A Sqn 3 Cav Regt Operation Bribie 17th Feb 1967. The reverse face has the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia logo in the middle, with the motto: "Honour the Dead but fight like hell for the living" underneath; two sprigs of leaf cradle the logo and motto.

Historical information

The medallion pays respect to the sacrifices made by the units in Operation Bribie on 17th February 1967.


The medallion takes its place amongst similar medallions and other commemorative items that revert to particular instances or event in Vietnam during the war.

Inscriptions & Markings

Front face shows an APC with text on upper edge: "Phouc Hai-South Vietnam" and text on bottom edge: "Lest We Forget"; the two text lines are joined by leaves. Text in the middle of the face: "In memory of the sacrifice made by 6RAR & A Sqn 3 Cav Regt Operation Bribie 17th Feb 1967. The reverse face has the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia logo in the middle, with the motto: "Honour the Dead but fight like hell for the living" underneath; two sprigs of leaf cradle the logo and motto.

survey of Hamilton St wetland - Plan of Subdivision Hamilton Street

Peterborough History Group, Peterborough

A3 plan of subdivision showing the outline of the swamp bounded by Hamilton St, Charles St and Cumming St.

Historical information

Subdivided to preserve the wetland, locals estimate it occurred between 1976 and 1983


Tennis Australia, Melbourne

An F.H. Ayres wooden tennis racquet, with tilt-top, solid convex throat, string collar, smooth, rounded handle, and leather strip end wrap. Inscription across throat and shaft on obverse: F.H. AYRES/13 OZ/WARRANTED. Across throat on reverse: LONDON. Materials: Wood, Lacquer, Glue, Metal, Leather, String, Gut


Hume City Civic Collection, Sunbury

A cream linen blouse with three pin tucks and a crochet band on either side of the centre front opening. There is a shell pattern crochet border around the square neckline and across the hem of the short sleeves and around the bottom of the blouse. There are two darts in the back. there are five brown buttons down the centre front.

Historical information

The blouse made from a man-made fibre which resembled linen and trimmed with crochet motifs and edging was fashionable during the early 1970's. They were often worn with batik printed skirts.

Inscriptions & Markings

"Made in the/PHILIPPINES/..."

Photograph - Cr. Penny and Mrs. Penny, Jennifer Parker (undated)

Ringwood and District Historical Society, Ringwood

Inscriptions & Markings

Written on back of photograph, "Cr. Penny and Mrs. Penny, Jennifer Parker"

Photos, Batch

Ringwood RSL Sub-Branch, Ringwood

Seven Black and white photographs of battlefield, Damaged vehicles in middle east desert.