Historical information

This type of head dress was very commonly worn by British Commonwealth Forces in the Sub Continent and other tropical areas. This particular example would have been a common sight in Northern Australia during the time frame, as well as Africa, Middle East and the Pacific. It is a light weight ventilated helmet offering good air circulation via the vent in the top of the crown, and shade to the back of the neck. As well as protection by the peaked front for the eyes reducing glare, preventing sun and heat stroke. It also created an image of gentlemanly dress and pride in appearance. It conformed to an ideal and was considered quite fashionable and a little dashing, often worn at a jaunty angle, creating a rakish air, far from today's simplistic view of pure functionality and at as low as possible cost. Whether worn with a tropical uniform with jacket and trousers, or open necked shirt and shorts, the wearer was easily identifiable as British or one of the Commonwealth countries.

Physical description

WW2 RAAF Wolsley cork helmet. Helmet Khaki cotton six (6) panel outer, with three (3) fold pugaree. Colour patch on left side approximately 6cm X 5.5cm, Dark blue,2.5cm, Light blue, 0.5cm and Maroon 2.5cm. Tan leather trim around brim, tan leather chin strap. Traditional pith helmet four (4) hole domed type vent on top of crown. Beige leather sweat band pierced around the top and with a cotton cord adjustment threaded around. Fixed to shell in four points diagonally. Interior is also covered in Khaki cotton.

Inscriptions & markings

Hand written in brown ink. A1917 F/Lt C KERR GRANT