Historical information

This poster was used to promote the Australian release of SOMEWHERE NEAR TAPACHULA February-April 2010. The film was shot on location in Tapachula, Mexico near the Guatemala border and tells the story of the orphanage Mision Mexico exstablished by two Australians Alan and Pamela Skuse. Surfing was introduced to the children at the orphanage in 2004 and surfing has now become an important part of the weekly program but has also played a key role in improving the lives of the children in the orphanage.


SOMEWHERE NEAR TAPACHULA is a unique surfing documentary which explores the social impact of surfing on a community of children living in a Mexican orphanage run by two Australians. Through a series of interviews the film follows the lives of a number of the children as they struggle with issues of identity, family and the harsh economic reality of growing up in a poor Mexican coastal town. Surfing is their one physical and emotional 'escape' refuge.

Physical description

Full colour poster for the surf documentary film SOMEWHERE NEAR TAPACHULA. The poster features an image of a young girl with a surfboard at her feet standing on a beach staring at the ocean.

Inscriptions & markings

Full colour poster featuring title, film sponsors and Australian tour dates (2010)