Historical information

Switch-foot is a classic publication out of Australia 2005. This 210 page hardcover book has many of the immortal surfing images from the golden era in surfing from photographers such as Albe Falzon, George Greenough and Jack Eden.
Stories from:
George Greenough looking at his simple genius and his movie magic with ‘Dolphin Glide’ and ‘Behind the Scenes.’
The unmasking of the truth behind Peter Drouyn,
12 legends of the Lens (images from the golden era)
The telling of Dick Van Straalen’s story and his current relationship with Dave Rastovich
The art of Harry Daily
Global surf travel with Colas
Thomas Campbell drops by
Rasta and friends music with the exploration into the mystery of the art of jamming
Discussions about sustainable surfcraft production with Tom Wegener, the unveiling of new school talent within music and photography and also talking to important leaders in the field of classic surfing to gather information on surfboard design, single fin surfing and fin dynamics.
Music from low pressure sound systems in the story titled ‘the art of jamming’


A significant publication that explores art, photography and music in surfing culture.

Physical description

Switch-foot (surfing art music) is a hard copybook of surfing photography with a black cover featuring 5 art panels and one panel with text. 'Switch-foot surfing art music'.

Inscriptions & markings

ISBN 0-646-45057