Historical information

The Australian Surfers Journal was based on The Surfers Journal (USA) and ran for 2 years. This issue contains feature articles on world surfing champion Nat Young, iconic surf destination Tahiti, Kneeboarders and Victorian based surfing artist/musician Jeff Raglus.


The Australian Surfers Journal is an iconic Australian surfing magazine which enjoyed a positive reponse from the Australian surfing community during the 1990's. It's feature articles, photographs and editorials were of a high literary standard by world standards.

Physical description

Australian Surfers Journal (Volume One, Number Four, Spring 1998), A4 full colour gloss magazine with cover headings about articles on Nat Young, Tahiti, Kneeboarders and Jeff Raglus. Close up of surfer (Patterson) on backlit aqua wave.

Inscriptions & markings

Gold cover art featuring Colour photograph (Paul Paterson in Western Australia. Image by Jon Frank