Historical information

Surfing World, or SW as it is know, first issue appeared Sept 1962. Edited by Bob Evans this monthly magazine was published "in the interests of promoting surfing in Australia and overseas". This issue (Volume 3, Number 3) is one of a series of early 1960's SW's donated as an incomplete collection. SURFING WORLD is still published today and is Australia's oldest surfing magazine.


Surfing World was the first major national surfing publication in Australia established in 1962. Its stories and photographs captured the early years of growth of surfing in Australia during the 1960's. The magazine inspired a generation of people to start surfing and provides an important archive into Australian surf culture during the sixties.

Physical description

Surfing World (SW) magazine Volume 3 Number 3, Nov 1963.

Inscriptions & markings

Surfing World banner in top left over a colour photograph of (possibly) Crescent Head beach with a tree in the foreground and a surfer riding a small wave in the background.