Historical information

The first week of 2011 was a turbulent week in the world of professional surfing. On Wednesday 5th January, 2011 Australian surf wear company Quiksilver announced that they had signed Rip Curl surfer Stephanie Gilmore to a new $5 million dollar, 5 year contract. The next day this article about Tyler Wright appeared in The Age heralding a new female face for Rip Curl Australia.


The article is significant because it focuses attention on Rip Curl's new female face in the wake of the sudden departure from the company by 4 times World Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore.

Physical description

Feature newspaper article from THE AGE, Thursday January 6th, 2011, page 6 by Martin Boulton about the sponsorship contract extension for 16 year old Australian female surfer Tyler Wright to Rip Curl Australia. Includes photographs of Wright surfing and running along beach.