Physical description

Sepia postcard with a view taken from the Grand Hotel tower looking down on Bell Street and the railway crossing at Yarra Glen very late 19th century. Young street trees on Bell Street. On east side of Bell Street are a dwelling, a general store, the Victoria Hall, a horse trough. Beyond the railway line is 'River View', the bridge over the river and the Yering flats.

Inscriptions & markings

On back of postcard at the top "POST CARD". On the left hand side "THIS SPACE MAY BE USED FOR PRINTED OR WRITTEN MATTER”. On the right hand side "ONLY THE ADDRESS TO BE WRITTEN HERE”. In a box in the right hand corner "A HALF-PENNY STAMP TO BE PLACED HERE". Along the left hand margin "Ajax series. Printed in England". In blue biro is written "G. Keets Yarra Glen".
Copy 2 has the following handwritten in black ink: "Yarra Glen. 28.8.11. Dear Maggie Hope you will like the Postcard. I also hope your head is better. On Saturday we took the kitten down to Dawborn's shop to catch some mice. When we got down there the kitten got away from us and we never got it till Monday morning. This is all the news this time. From your loving cousin, Walter.