Historical information

This battery treminal was removed from one of the Japanese Midget Submarines sunk in Sydney Harbour during the night attack on Sunday 31st May 1942 and sold publicly as a souvenir to raise money for the RAN relief funds for sailors.

Physical description

Metal plate - two round black metal lugs on top of a flat grey lead plate with four Japanese characters stamped on the base off the top of a battery from a Midget Submarine, with a cardboard souvenir card.

Inscriptions & markings

Metal Plate - four Japanese characters.
Cardboard tag - "A Guaranteed Souvenir / from the / Japanese Midget Submarine / Sunk in Sydney Harbour,/ Sunday May 31st, 1942" / sign by "Rear-Admiral in Charge, Sydney /July 30, 1942 Proceeds to RAN Relief Fund & King George's Fund for Sailors". Back of Tag - "27th November 1942 on show in the Gardens in Melbourne"