Historical information

This wooden condom former has no defined manufacture date and was used in the production of rubber condoms in Melbourne by the rubber goods manufacturer Ansell. Wooden formers of this type were used from 1905 till 1945. The condom former would be dipped tip first into liquid rubber and the covering left to dry, and then the resulting condom packaged and sold. This object was acquired by the Richmond and Burnley Historical Society in the 1970’s on the closing of the Ansell factory located on River St, Richmond.


This object has historical significance at a national level, as it is associated with the use and manufacture of sexual health devices within the broader Australian context. It also holds local historical significance as a marker of local manufacturing and industry in Victoria. Alongside these points it is also a large part of the story that surrounds the creation of Ansell Industries as we know them in a modern context.

Physical description

Wooden condom former/ mold. Frame consists of 11 individual upright moulds. Used by the Ansell Rubber Co. Pty Ltd in the production of condoms. Obtained in 1970's from an old factory site occupied by Ansell.

Inscriptions & markings

None visible