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Gaming Accessory

From the Collection of Upper Yarra Museum Old Railway Station 2415C Warburton Highway Yarra Junction Victoria

Leather Dice Holder and Dice mounted on wooden base, leather dice holder is original. dice and wooden base is a mock up.(there is a small hole in the leather pouch 1.5cm from the bottom 2.5cm from the base, the hole is .2cm in size )
27cm L + 72cm W + 75cm H
Object Registration
recreation, leather, dice, dice holder, game, woods point, w f, pickersgill, mrs isaacs, mrs susan isaacs, yarra junction, gold field, game accessory gambling
Historical information
This Dice holder from the Woods Point goldfields would have been used to while away the time in the evenings, and the odd moments of time off during the day, children may have had use of it also, but would have had to be very careful not to lose the dice , because they would have been in big, big trouble. if the dice was lost !
When Made
1890 (estimated)
Made By
Untitled (Creator)
This item is of some significance because of its rareity and oral history passed on with the Item.
Inscriptions & Markings
W F Pickersgill Warburton 1960, Woods Point Gold Field circa 1890 app. Donated by Susan Issacs.
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3 Mar 2017 at 10:09AM