Historical information

The Smithy job is very important in any town or settlement, horses need shoeing reguarly, and drays, carts and jinkers need their Tires replaced or tightened, also their are many other jobs that they perform.

Physical description

Negative Black white Scanned at 600 dpi. "Smithy Workshop Millgrove" In the immediate and far background is the bush, central to this is the Smithys Workshop, it has a pailing roof and walls, there is a door left front, to the left above the dray wheel is a young man milking a brown and white cow, front left is the dray, with a young boy standing between the dray shafts holding a horse, next is a young Mother with a little girl, next to her is Dad with a hat and apron, he is the Smithy, he is holding a horse still with its yoke on, next is an older man wearing a suit and hat, holding a horse still yoked and harnessed, behind them is another horse near the workshop door, next is a horse yoked and harnessed to another horse and behind that is a sawn load of timber, next to the last horse is a man holding it, he is dressed with a vest and shirt sleeves and hat, at the end of the workshop is a lean-to shed which is probably the dunny, behind the load of timber there is a building with a 4 pane window and making an L shape another building, they appear to be on stumps , roof line is not distinguishable, the horses all seem like "Clydsdales".