Historical information

Shield was presented to R.L. Holland by children and parents of District in appreciation of 12 years of valued services to Mackie's School. 78 years later, after this presentation, his daughter donated it to the Wycheproof Historical Society.


This shield item from the 1930s is of a local rural school,now closed.It complements and strenghens our collections of Closed District Schools and our hard copy files on Mackie's Estate.

Physical description

Wooden shield with silver badges. A wreath decoration surrounds the central metal boss. A silver banner is across the bottom of the shield. The inscription states the Shield was won by Mackie's School in 1931,1932,1933. Permanently won by Mackie's School. Competing Schools - Mackie's, Jeruk, Glenloth, Glenloth North;teachers-Miss M.Ryan and Miss B.Smith

Inscriptions & markings