Historical information

The semi-mythical stream, the Cooroopajerrup Creek. Before there were any channel banks and formed roads, this creek shared the Avoca flood waters with the Tyrrell Creek. In more recent times the Wycheproof channel prevented the major floods of 1956 and 1973 from following the old river course. Also there is said to have been some shifting of the sand-hills at Teddywaddy which have blocked much of the old Cooroopajerrup flow. Little is known of earlier records, but The Mount Wycheproof Ensign records flooding of the creek in 1909. 2011 saw the Cooroopajerrup flow again after 88 years. This 2011 photo was taken at about the same position as the 1923 photo. The modern steel roadway fence is submerged. see-Photograph-Record No 001997.

Physical description

Copy of a B&W photograph of the Cooroopajerrup-Creek in flood-1923. To the north is Mount-Wycheproof, with the hospital barely visible behind the trees just left of centre, and a few scattered dwellings. The nearer railway-fence follows the road leading to the current saleyards.The outer fence has been replaced with a modern steel fence.

Inscriptions & markings