Historical information

This was the first police station built in Watgania, and it was probably built during the goldrush era of late19C to early 20C.


The condition of the photo is less than good, but most of the details, particularly those in the centre, are preserved and scale up very well. The photo is of local significance to Watgania and the Ararat district because of its rarity and because of its subject. There is now (in the year 2011) little or nothing left of the township of Watgania, though there are still several inhabited properties in this area, which shelters close under the eastern face of the Grampians mountains. The figures in the photo add to its significance, since a good deal of information about the goldfields can be gleaned from their manner and their dress.

Physical description

Black-and-white photo mounted on cardboard. The photo is very pinmarked and otherwise stained and damaged, but some of the details, including the two men in the photo, are very clear.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscription: on front: "4216 / MH". Stamped on back: "F.W HARGREAVES". Inscription: on back: 592P (this is its Osborne nbr, and corresponds to a photo-negative taken of the original photo).