Historical information

This christening mug commemorates the birth of Mary S. Edwards on February 3rd 1857. The mug is one of four gifted to each of the Edwards children.
2. Wm I Edwards born may 5th 1859
3. Elizabth Edwards born on April 19th 1862.
4. Grace Edwards born on February 19th 1864.
All mugs were used by the Edwards children during their lifetimes and were donated to the museum by Misses Illife and Bessie Edwards in 1979.


These mugs are of local Ararat and District significant due to their age (over 150years old in 2011), the fact that there is a (presumably) complete set of four from the same family, and the fact that the family has close ties with the Ararat district. Their condition, though not perfect, is good, and this, along with their usage during the lifetime of the original owner, adds to their significance.

Physical description

Highly glazed white ceramic christening mug inscribed in gold. Gold trim at top and bottom and on handle. Some crackling of glaze. Brown wear marks on handle and around rim.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscription in gold on the body of mug: "Mary S. Edwards / Born Feby 3rd1857".