Historical information

Local Government Act 1874 No 506 interleaved with amending acts to December, 1884. The pages given in the second column are those of the "Local Government Act 1874" When the referred to Acts are interleaved, first column gives the section of the Amending Acts. Letters P.A. refer to the latter Act.


Unfortunately the donor of this official publication is not yet known. Further research needs to be undertaken on the purpose, history and usage of this Local Government Act 1874 (Victoria), with amendments to Dec 1884 (its date of publication). If it can be traced back to a local Ararat councillor or personality, then this would enhance its significance (although the Geelong address on the flyleaf would suggest a Geelong origin). If the publication is now a rare item, this too would enhance its significance, which would apply Victoria-wide.

Physical description

Brown cover with label in centre. Official Copy of "Local Government Act 1874" Interleaved with Amending Acts to December, 1884. 148 pages. Also Local Government Act 1874 Amended No 786. In back of book, pages 8,9 & 10.

Inscriptions & markings

Hand written on front cover lable "official copy", inside back cover hand written W. Sommers / Hotel / Geelong .7/-