Historical information

This book is a memento of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwell and York to Melbourne in May 1901, they came here to open the first Commonwealth Parliament of Australia


The book is part of a collection from the H H Bradley family, the other items are personal invitations to the opening of the first Parliament.

Physical description

Paperback Book. an 80 page book with soft card covers bound with green cloth binding, mainly pictorial, of their visit to opening of the 1st Commonwealth Parliament of Austrlia with a description with each photo in black and white, the cover is partly dark brown with the rest there is a photo of a river on the bottom right hand corner and the book title on the left within a scrolled frame and the dark brown background. front and back cover quite grubby, bottom right had corner missing and torn 20+20mm, a finger nail size missing middle right hand side, bottom left hand corner next to binding has a 22+25mm Piece missing