Historical information

This is a photo of a very large group of people at the Langi Ghiran Picnic Grounds in 1904. The photo, which scales up quite well, provides information about leisure wear and leisure activities in the Ararat area at this time. Unfortunately names are not available for any of the participants. There is little or no information in the photo about the picnic grounds themselves.


This photo is of local signficance (Langi Ghiran and the Ararat disctrict). Although the photo is physically damaged, the detail in most of the photo is still very clear, and scales-up well, giving information on clothing and leisure activities. The fact that the date and the donor are known adds to its significance; but the lack of names of the participants detracts from it somewhat.

Physical description

Black-and-white photo mounted on cardboard. The photograph is torn away in several places, but most of the details of the large group of people is still very clear.

Inscriptions & markings

The subject of the photo is inked on to the back: "Picnic Grounds / Langi Cheryn[sic: should be Langi Ghiran] 1904".