Historical information

This modern photo of a 19C Eugene Von Guerard painting of the Ararat-district homestead of Yalla-Y-Poora, was created ca2009. But the accession information is not clear about the date of accession, or the format of the Von Guerard painting (print, photo, etc.?), or the place where the original painting is held.


The photo is not significant in its own right. But despite the lack of detail in the accession information, it does point to a source of information about an important local homestead, Yalla-Y-Poora: i.e. the Von Guerard painting, which merits further investigation.

Physical description

Laminated print, dating from the year 2000 or so, taken of a Von Guerard Painting found in, or part of, a Diary.

Inscriptions & markings

Text on the back of the laminate [probably written at the time of acquisition] describes how the photo was created: "Painting by Eugene von Guerard / Yalla-Y-Poora / Copied from a diary loaned / by Judy Armstrong".