Historical information

This boot was found hidden in an alcove in a chimney in one of the first houses built in Lismore Victoria during the mid 1860's. The house belonged to scottish born George Ireland Skene who settled in Lismore in mid 1857 with his wife Elizabeth (nee Nelson) and two young children. November 1857 George had built the first blacksmith shop in Grey Street Lismore and then built his house behind the smithy's.
Hiding boots in chimneys is well doucumented in folklore.

Physical description

Old brown leather left foot childs boot. In poor condition the leather has dried out and the front centre of the boot along the eyelets has curled into the inside of boot. The holes are in tact but the laces are missing so is the tounge. The leather is stained with a white powder mildrew. The sole and heel has perished and there is a hole in the toe area.