Historical information

The Australian Returned Services League was designed in 1919 and has remained predominately the same since then. The white background stands for purity of motives, The blue indicates willingness to render service to a comrade anywhere beneath the blue sky. The red stands for the blood ties of war. The wattle is symbolic of Australia. The Leek, Rose, Thistle and Shamrock are symbolic of and represent the link with Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland. .A Crown is positioned on the top of the badge symbolizing loyalty to the Monarchy.

Physical description

Bronze Metal. Centre two figures in bronze surrounded by blue circle with words Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League .Further surrounded by white enamel with red ribbon at base with words Australia in centre of ribbon. Edward VII Crown at top. 1919-1926.

Inscriptions & markings

Rear stamped number "96641"