Historical information

On Easter Sunday 1965 competitors in the Bells Beach Surfing Contest were greeted with the sight of 15-18 foot waves marching into Bells Beach. Riding 9-10 foot boards with no legropes the bravery of many surfers was challenged on this day. A day when reputations were made.


Easter Sunday 1965 went down in Australian surfing history as the day when the largest waves were ridden in a surf contest outside of Hawaii. It was a significant day in establishing the reputation of Bells Beach as a big wave surfing location.

Physical description

Bells Beach - Big Easter Sunday 1965 is a short video which features an interview with Torquay surfer/photographer Barrie Sutherland describing the huge surf at the 1965 Bells Beach Surfing Contest. The video also features a number of photographs by Barrie Sutherland taken on Easter Sunday 1965. Duration: 03.28 Available as an MP4 Video.

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