Historical information

Hand theatre made "trench art", utilising used artillery brass shell casings, of various calibres, hand made with such "tools" as were available at the time. They have been decoratively trimmed at the mouth of each with a "scalloped" pattern, the shallowest casing mounted on small arms casings as "feet" and the large casing inverted engraved and embossed with a depiction of the Australian Commonwealth Military Forces "Rising Sun" badge.


This "Dinner Gong" and "Striker" are significant Historically and Socially, as it is believed to be the only example of a dinner gong and striker made in theatre as contemporary "trench art" by serving members of this group. Around the top of the main part of the Gong are stamped the initials of the Australian members of the Royal Flying Corps at the time, it is of possible National historical significance, as they were such a small group at best, and a highly vulnerable group, quite likely to not survive the conflict. This group and their desendants went on to be a part of the formation of the Australian Flying Corps, the beginings of the Royal Australian Air Force. It relates to the embrionic stages of a part of the now Australian Defence Force.

Physical description

A commemorative Dinner Gong construted from Artillery Shell Casings of various sizes. The largest cut short at the bottom, mounted on rifle or machine gun casings cut short as 'feet'. A slightly smaller diameter inverted as the 'gong' with decorative engravings depicting, a Rising Sun emblem on a decorated back ground, 'AFC' (Australian Flying Corps) crowned wings, on the same decorated back ground. The open ends of these larger casings is 'scalloped' and decorated beautifully, while the closed ends have a 'pie crust effect around the flanged edge. There is a biforcated mount at the top to hold the 'striker' made from white metal ballastered rod with a wooden eliptical knob. On the top around the striker mount are stamped the initials of those believed to be the first Australian Aviators in the then AFC.