Historical information

This type of ration tin was issued during the latter part of the Second World War. These rations were issued to every soldier involved in operations and were only to be opened if no other source of food was available.

Physical description

An unopened olive drab Australian Military Forces (AMF) Emergency Ration Tin. There are instructions printed in black ink on the inside surface of the lid. This should read 'INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE / To be consumed as found. / 1. HOT CHOCOLATE (if preferred) / Break up chocolate block and dissolve in hot water. / 2. TEA TABLETS: / Use one per pannikin, adding boiling water and sugar if required. / 3. SALT TABLETS : / To reduce fatigue and cure muscle cramp, take either in water or as desired.
Normally stamped in the inside of an opened ration tin would be date, such as '10-44' indicating that it was produced in October 1944.

Inscriptions & markings

The outside of the tin has printed in black ink 'A.M.F. / EMERGENCY RATION / D (Government broad arrow) D / . The bottom surface of the ration tin has printed in black ink " To be consumed only when no other rations of any kind are procurable. Consumption of this ration must be reported at first opportunity. Instructions for use are printed under cover of container and also on paper slip within can".