Historical information

Vietnamese boat people landing in Philippines during the first years of the events (1975 - 1996). They were grouped up from many different islands and transferred to the refugee camp in Palawan Island. There they were interviewed and waited for decision from UNHCR to be granted settlement approval. Then they would be transferred to Bataan Processing Centre in Manilla waiting for flight to a third country.


It is one of the very rare black and white photographs collected during the first years of the Vietnamese boat people in Philippines.

Physical description

Black and whilte picture taken at Lubang Island, Philippines, 1978. A group about 50 Vietnamese refugees landing in Lubang Island, Philippines, 1978. Pictures taken on a beach of the island, in front of 2 huts covered with coco-palm leaves as temporary shelter, together with two nuns and government workers coming to pick up and transfer to a refugee camp.

Inscriptions & markings

Nguoi Viet ty nan tai Lubang, Philippines, 1978.