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Travel Document - Travel Document (Agreement of 15th October, 1946) Titre De Voyage (Accord du 15 octobre 1946)

From the Collection of Australian Multicultural Community Services Suite 111 44-56 Hampstead Rd Maidstone Victoria

green book, contains information about Stanislaw (Bill) Nowak, document served in lieu of a national passport, issued on 15th October 1946, the holder of this document was the concern of the International Refugee Organization, this document contains 32 pages, exclusive of cover
Object Registration
immigration, id, travel document, bill nowak
Historical information
travel document of Stanislaw (Bill) Nowak, born in Poland 14/01/1927, he came to Australia in 1951 as a refugee after II World War, this document was used instead of national passport
When Made
one of a few items of this kind which has survived to present days
Inscriptions & Markings
many inscriptions in relation to Stanislaw (Bill) Nowak including visas and description of person
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3 Mar 2017 at 10:09AM