Historical information

A hunter uses this tool to throw a spear in front of a fleeing animal, skillfully intercepting it so that it is speared on the run. The size of the groove and spear holder indicate this woomera was made for light weight hunting spears not for warfare. Elders and young warriors carried these with them and each man made his own to suite his strength and body size. They were used when the need and opportunity for fresh meat arose. Woomeras were used by men.


This is the only Jaara woomera in the collection and is a significant tool used in the on going search for food. It is a mens tool.

Physical description

This woomera is undecorated. At the broad end there is a small hook like protrusion which holds the spear in place before throwing. The narrow end has a tapered waist with bulb to assist grip and a shallow groove to help guide the spear. The overall shape is an elongated hollowed single piece of timber.

Inscriptions & markings

There are no inscriptions, the wood is strong with a prominent grain pattern.