Historical information

The document was written by Marian Kennedy, a signalwoman in the Australian Special Wireless Group in Brisbane in World War Two. This group intercepted Japanese Morse Code messages and their transcriptions were sent to Central Bureau for deciphering. The sheet contains a list of procedure signals for messages in Japanese Kana code. These procedure signals enabled wireless operators to assess the context of the messages and their probable importance. Secrecy was paramount as the Japanese military were unaware that their Kana code had been broken. Marian Kennedy was born at Bright Vic and grew up in Smoko in the Ovens Valley.

Physical description

Colour, scanned, A4 copy of sheet from Australian Military Forces Wireless Diary with list of Procedure Signals of Japanese Kana Code hand-written in pencil, in English.

Inscriptions & markings

Signed "Marian Kennedy VF396623" in pencil in top margin.