Historical information

Owned by Mervin Buckram (of Rochester), used for private use on the farm at Mewburn Park. Used approx 1940s.


An important survivor from the early dairy industry. Maffra has always held a leading role in Herd testing, so it has considerable community significance. An earlier example is held at Stratford, with another, between the two, and less intact, at Old Gippstown.

Physical description

A round, black herd-testing centrifuge with a flat top and bottom. It has a hinged flap that opens and stands on three legs. There is a smaller round piece on top of the centrifuge which has a thick cylindrical shaped piece of metal in the centre. An apparatus at the top allows water to be driven through an impeller and there is an internal carrier to hold bottles for centrifuging.

Inscriptions & markings

"Grand prize St. Louise 1904" on side,"Wizard Tester" on top."The creamery package MFG. company Chicago. U.S.A. No. 3785" on brass plaque.