Historical information

Frank Pywell was manager of the Maffra Sugar Beet Factory


The Sugar Beet industry was highly significant in the Maffra area for just under 50 years, and led to the construction of the Glenmaggie Weir and the consequent Macalister Irrigation District. This book is one of a number from the private library of the factory manager, and the entire collection of them provides a unique insight into information available at the time of manufacture. It is unlikely a collection of this breadth on sugarbeet is held anywhere else in Australia.

Physical description

Hardcover book "Cattle Feeding with Sugar Beets, Sugar, Molasses and Sugar Beet Residuum", 1902, 390 pages illus.

Inscriptions & markings

"F.J.Pywell" inside front cover
"R.J. Shingles" page preceding title page.
Stamp "Technical Library / Department of Agriculture / Melbourne" in several places