Historical information

The names come from a variety of areas, from as far away as Glenmaggie, and may reflect who contributed a set sum for a presentation. Appears to have originally been framed.

Fritz Horstman was first chair of the Upper Maffra Co-operative Butter and Cheese Factory in 1904.


An important example of a locally-produced Illuminated address, as opposed to those of a more grandiose nature that were purchased from "outside".

Physical description

Illuminated address, unframed, presented Dec 1885 to Fritz Horstman, following his representing residents in the Maffra Shire for seven years.
Signatories are: H. Amey, A. Allardyce, G. Lyndon, J. Gerrand, H. Crisp, T. Smith, indec, J. Atkinson, D. Miller, N.Nicholson, T. Martin, W. Clement, A. Clark, J.W. Hagan, T. Pollock, Osborn Bros, T. Anderson, J (?) herkes, J. Knox, J.Boland, P. Boland, J. Clyne, J. Forsyth, R. Ferguson, J. Cromb, H. Smith, R. Fullerton, A. Gerrand, Wm McCole, A. Morrison and 20 other ratepayers, John Williams, R. Harper, David Clyne, P. Mellon, J. Macfarlane. All appear to be written in the same hand, and are not actual signatures. Whole address appears to be executed in a rather amateur manner, rather than being from a commercial artist/calligrapher.