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Photographs, Framed

From the Collection of Stratford and District Historical Society Stratford Victoria

A chip-carved wooden frame with reproduction photographs of Stratford men in uniform similar to Boer War uniform.
H 40 cm x W 58cm
Object Registration
boer war 1899-1902, craft, handcraft
Historical information
Original photogaphs have been removed from frame and are catalogued at 1311, 1312.
The frame has long been considered to be the work of Vera Mayhew, a well-known exponent of chip carving.

The original photographs are catalogued elsewhere as:

01311: An early copy sepia photographic print pasted to cardboard of four men in military uniform, three wearing caps, one bare-headed. They are, standing, Pte Weir, Pte Tweedie, seated Pte Beecher, Pte Cochrane. They known to have been members of the Victorian Mounted Rifles, but the uniform is unusual for that group. They are wearing different leggings, and their belts cross their right shoulder, not the left. They wear a piece of cloth with diagonal stripes across it pinned above their left pocket. In all, it suggests a photograph taken, possibly in South Africa, in their battle dress, and possibly after a team game.

William Hamilton Weir was invalided back to Aust, arr. 5 June 1901; James Tweedie 287 Pvt Stratford, prom. to Corporal 20 March 1901, listed in fallen for World War 1; Private J.A. Beecher also had brothers who served (see P00179B). Pte William James Cochrane 309, prom to Lance Corp 10 April 1900, Corp 16 Nov 1900, apparently ret. to Aust, appt. commander No 1 Troop Wangaratta, ret to South Africa in 5th Contingent as Lieutenant, became a member of 6th Batt. Aust Commonwealth Horse, ret. to Aust. 7 Aug 1902.

01312: A first generation sepia photographic print of four men in Boer War Uniform. They are, standing, Pte H. Beecher, Pte A. Beecher, Pte Josh Jones, seated Sgt Pruden. They are all wearing standard Light Horse uniform, with slouch hats.

Shoeingsmith Henry Ward Beecher 556 was invalided back to Aust., arr. 9 May 1901; Trooper George Andre Beecher 557; Josh Jones is possibly John Joseph Jones 434 of Stratford. Sgt Pruden was killed in action.

These photographs originally hung in the Stratford Mechanics' Institute.
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