Historical information

These scales were used by Georgie Ah Ling, who operated a market garden on the edge of the township of Donald for over 70 years.
The scales were located in a shed next to his hut located along the Jeffcott Road opposite the Donald Racecourse. He used these scales to weigh produce before delivering it around the town by horse and cart.

Physical description

Black spray painted weighing scales body, 5 weights of different sizes and repainted silver plate. One 4 lbs, two 1 lbs, one 8 oz., and one 4 oz. weight

Inscriptions & markings

Scales marked “TO WEIGH 28 lb”. 4 lbs weight marked “J & J Whitehouse.TIPTON. 4 lbs”. 1 lb. weight marked “W & T AVERY.LTD.BRIM 1 lbs”