Historical information

Martin Crane was the first Bishop of Sandhurst. 1874 - 1901. The knife was probably a gift and is engraved on the front with his name. Martin Crane was a progressive leader in Sandhurst and built many new schools and churches in the Diocese.


The knife is significant because it belonged to the first Bishop of Sandhurst, Martin Crane. Irish born Crane was an Augustinian priest before being ordained in 1874. Crane was Bishop of Sandhurst for 27 years.

Physical description

Elaborately engraved sterling silver knife. Floral, leafy design. Probably a cheese or butter knife. The handle sits 90 degrees to the knife blade.
This a part of a cutlery set.

Inscriptions & markings

Bishop. M. Crane. Engraved on the front of knife.
Silversmith's name/symbol engraved on the back of knife blade. Sterling. P??? engraved on the back of knife blade.