Historical information

The Cassie Football Club was part of the Young Men's Castellorizian Club (YMCS), 1962 - 1965, an organisation established within the Castellorizian Association of Victoria to cater for the sporting, social and leisure pursuits of the second and third generations of the Castellorizian youth in Melbourne. Whilst the football team was the main focus for both players and supporters, the YMCS also fielded cricket and debating teams. This football trophy was awarded to the Best & Fairest for the 3 years of the club's duration - N Constance 1963, N Constance 1964 and L Scotis 1965.


This item is of social significance as it represents the hey day of the club, with both an active ladies and men's group supporting the youth. Membership was at its peak across the organisation and the generations, with the sporting teams becoming a key focus of social events.
This trophy also symbolises the assimilation of the Castellorizians in Australia in fielding teams in the typical Australian sports of Australian Rules Football and cricket.

Physical description

Wooden Shield with 9 silver stirling plaques attached, including a ribbon across the top and the bottom, a central shield,
and 3 small shields either side of the central shield.

Inscriptions & markings

Six silver engravings including one across the top "CASSIE FOOTBALL CLUB," another across the bottom "BEST & FAIREST," and on the three smaller shields to the left, for the top one "N CONSTANCE 1962-1963," on the middle one "N CONSTANCE 1964" and on the bottom shield "L SCOTIS 1965."

On the back of the shield price marked as 6 pounds, 6 shillings