Historical information

With much fanfare and anticipation the Grand Opening of Cornish College was held on Sunday the 12 February 2012. The hall was filled to capacity. It commenced with a Welcome by Rev Dr Robert Johnson, the Welcome to Country, National Anthem and Official Opening and Unveiling of the Plaque. This was then followed by a Musical Item, the dedication of College and Commissioning of the Leaders, a Visual Presentation and short speech by the Reverend David Pargeter. Next was a Musical Item and The Principal, Mr Kerry Bolger's Address. Then the Benediction.

Physical description

White brochure printed on both sides of glossy, heavy A4 paper, folded to A5 size. With a teal upper 10mm border and a black lower 10 mm border. 15mm below upper border is the Cornish College emblem, followed by Cornish College name