Historical information

Electric Motor driven automotive horns were commonly used from circa 1915 to circa 1935 on cars, trucks and some tractors
They make a distinctive deep and loud 'Ahooga' growl sound. Commonly used on American made automobiles, but also on a few European makes.

Physical description

Car horn: 'North East Electric Co' Electric Motor Driven , 12 Volt made by North East Electric Company of Rochester, New Jersey, U.S.A. 1920's When horn button, usually on top of steering wheel, is pressed, the current activates the motor, which turns on a toothed ratchet, producing a 'Ahooga' sound, which is greatly magnified through the trumpet at the front.

Inscriptions & markings

Brass badge, acid etched: "North East Electric Co./ Rochester, New Jersey/Pat Pen/Model X/Volt 12/Serial No"; with 'North east Electric' logo on left