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driving licence - Driver - License for Marian Dabrowski born on 22/12/1904 in Drozdowo Kr Lomrza domiciled in Bed Reichenhall Legitimations number DPG 09703260

From the Collection of Australian Multicultural Community Services Suite 111 44-56 Hampstead Rd Maidstone Victoria

green paper
20.5 cm lenght, 14.7 cm width
Object Registration
driving licence, germany, migrant
Historical information
this document belonged to deceased Marian Dabrowski, ex-soldier, migrant from Poland who came to Australia as a refugee after II World War; It was issued on 8 August 1946 in Bad Reichenhall (Germany)
When Made
Made By
Wilhelm Jungling (Maker)
one of a few items of this kind which has survived to present days
Inscriptions & Markings
cover - stamp of town hall, No: DPG 09703260
inside - photo of holder Marian Dabrowski and his signature; stamp of town hall and signature of authorised representative
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3 Mar 2017 at 10:09AM