Historical information

international license (internationaler f├╝hrerschein) was issued on 16 June 1947 in Ingolstadt. It was issued according to international agreement from 24 April 1926; this document belonged to deceased Marian Dabrowski, ex-soldier, migrant from Poland who came to Australia as a refugee after II World War


one of a few items of this kind which has survived to present days

Physical description

brownish paper, 42 pages, back cover blank, page 37&38 folded
page 2 contains list of countries where this license could be used
page 4 -

Inscriptions & markings

front cover: stamp and signature of authorised person
page 3: stamp, photo of holder Marian Dabrowski and handwritten info about holder of license
page 38; 2 stamps which identify the category of license (A&B), handwritten info about holder