Historical information

Heyfield Butter Factory Company opened in 1891, and became a co-operative in 1892. It was a major employer in the town, and provided an outlet for local dairy farmers. It amalgamated with Traralgon and Yarram Co-operatives in 1960 to form South Eastern Milk products, which in turn amalgamated with Gippsland Consolidated Milk in 1971 to form Gippsland Amalgamated Milk. In 1973 Gippsland Amalgamated Milk became part of Murray Goulburn, who closed the Heyfield Butter Factory in May 1973.

One enquiry to a resident, who arrived there in 1948, suggested this may have ceased being used before that date, or was not available locally.


This wrapper is of historical significance as an example of the packaging and promotion of the main product from the Heyfield Butter Factory and Electricity Supply Company. This factory was a major employer and economic influence in the Heyfield District from 1891 to 1973, with the buildings still being an important component in the landscape of the town.

Physical description

Three butter wrappers for one pound blocks of Heyfield Creamery pasteurised butter. This is waxed paper, cream-coloured and pre-cut. One panel has "Cream of the Gippsland Pastures", the others are printed with the name of the factory and other detail