Historical information

Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick had a questionable character even before being posted to Greta Police Station in 1878. He made an attempt to arrest Dan Kelly but did not follow correct procedure. He went by himself and had also been drinking beforehand. While Fitzpatrick stated that he was assaulted and suffered a minor gun show wound at the hands of "Ned" Kelly and other family members, his claims were disputed by them. The Kellys "went bush" after this incident and two police parties - one led by Michael Kennedy - were sent in pursuit of them.

Physical description

Sepia toned photograph on cardboard showing Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick holding a riding crop with left elbow resting on a pillar.

Inscriptions & markings

"J.E. Bray, Photo Beecworth" (underneath photograph). "Portrait & Landscape Photographer J.E. Bray Beecworth, Victoria. Negatives kept, copies 1/. each, may be had by forwarding name and address accompanied with remittance to the amount of the order. Photographs coloured in water colours" (on reverse of carte de visite)