Historical information

History of object is unknown. Member's name is not recorded on the ticket.


Ticket dates from the club's first premiership year:1891. Club subsequently won another three consecutive premierships, becoming still the only VFA club to do so. Ticket is one of a run of tickets from 1880 to 2012 (complete except for 1915 and 1916 when the club withdrew from competition and 1899 and 1900 which are missing from the set).

Physical description

Rectangular card covered in black leather with fold in middle and small punched hole lined with metal intop right corner. Card has gold embossed border and two diagonal lines running top left to bottom right filled with red with 'ESSENDON' in capital letters. Date '1891' embossed in gold in top right and 'F.C'. embossed in gold on bottom left. Some wear on right hand edge. Reverse of card is the same as the front.

Inscriptions & markings

Inside reads: Essendon Football Club/ SEASON 1891/MEMBER'S TICKET/. Numbers: 769 is printed in large type to the left of SEASON 1891. Left side is printed with names of club administrators and righ side is printed with words: FIRST TWENTY and SECOND TWENTY.