Historical information

Chronological listing of nursing traniees at St. Vincent's Nurses' Training School 1893-1930, 1948 - 1950. Register has some blank pages in the middle and trainees from the years 1931 to 1948 were written in a different register.

Despite the inside front cover indicating 1909, the first entries in the register are dated 1893, implying that some entries may have been written retrospectively.
Information about students includes: name, address, age, religion, date training commenced and date training ended, the duration of holidays taken during each of the three years of training, the entrance fee paid, the nurse's signature and information about where the nurse went after graduation.


This item is historically significant because it records the names of the women who trained at the hospital from the foundation of the hospital.

Physical description

Large hard bound book in green with brown leather corners and spine. Lettering on the cover in gold. Interior of book is in the form of a printed ledger with each entry covering two facing pages. Front and back inside pages are marbelled and edges of pages are also marbelled. Information about students has been handwritten into the printed boxes.