Historical information

Heyfield Butter Factory Company was formed as a private company in 1890, and became a co-operative in 1891. About 1915 it established an electricity generation unit in the factory, which supplied the town until about 1924, when it was taken over by the State Electricity Commission.

The company became part of South Eastern Milk Products in 1960, and Gippsland Consolidated Milk in 1971. In 1973 GCM became part of Murray Goulburn, and was closed in May 1973.

This seal was used to stamp (and therefore authenticate) red paper seals on share scripts for the company, from c.1915 to 1960.


Important historically as the ultimate authority for the identity of a company that was an important factor in the commercial life of Heyfield and the surrounding district for over eighty years.

It has community significance as the ultimate legal authority for issuing shares in a large, locally controlled co-operative.

Physical description

A metal seal / stamp for the Heyfield Butter Factory and Electricity Supply Co. It consists of a short arm that pivots above two round dies.The whole is in black metal on a rectangular base, with remnant transfers.