Historical information

This is one of a dozen or so pictures of very early Ararat held by Langi Morgala Museum, and can be compared to a succession of later photographs to illustrate the growth of the town of Ararat. The date suggested by the inscription on the front is probably a reference to some other occurrence, since the street seems far to built-up for 1856-1860. The date is more likely the 1870s, or even the 1880s


This photograph, though not in good condition, is one of the few in the possession of Langi Morgala Museum that shows very early Ararat. It is of regional significance, which would be enhanced if a firmer date could be established.

Physical description

This cardboard-mounted large photograph is not in very good condition, but some parts of the image are still clear. There are permanent inscriptions on both front and back, not done in sympathy with the age and importance of the item.

Inscriptions & markings

On front: "Note hitching posts and the old Turf Hotel, Barkly Street cont[illegible] / 1856-60". On back: museum stamp and photo numbers.