Historical information

Vincent Gercovich married Winifred Rebecca Bennett (English emigrant) on 13 February 1867 in St. Alipius church in Ballarat. They had a total of 12 children. Little is known about his life, but what is known that he was well disposed to several languages and due to his ability to communicate with immigrants worked at the entry gate to the city of Ballarat. He died at the age of 61.

Vincent was one of these early Croatian immigrants who came to Victoria around 1850s. His surname Gercovich (probably Gerković or Jerković) came from the island of Hvar on Dalmatian coast. On his Australian citizenship documents, the place of birth was stated as Dalmatia, Austria.

From research of collected documents it can be concluded that the first Croats arrived to this country some 150 years ago mainly because of gold discovery. Victoria had a few rich deposits of gold and for obvious reasons many came to join the great ‘Gold Rush’.

Physical description

A black and white family photograph features Gercovich family with 12 children photographed in a studio around 1889. Children ages on the photograph range from unborn to young adults.