Historical information

The portrait depicts Sgt. A.D. Lowerson V.C. after receipt of his award at Buckingham Palace on March 1, 1919. It links the town and the Lowerson family to events in World War 1.


A.D. Lowerson was awarded the Victoria Cross as the result of bravery and leadership in the capture of Mont St. Quentin on September 1, 1918, particularly for his bombing of a German strongpoint. He refused to leave his post, despite wounds, for two days. He is the only winner of the V.C. in north east Victoria, beyond Euroa. Lowerson's name has been memorialized in a street name, the local swimming pool and Soldiers Memorial Square and with others on church and state school honour boards.

Physical description

Monochrome portrait of Sergeant Albert David Lowerson, Victoria Cross (1896-1945), standing, in gold frame.