Historical information

Early in 20th century, a small group of girls at Myrtleford State School 955 participated in honouring Empire Day each May by "dressing up" to represent Britannia.


This select group of girls celebrates the might of Britannia in the first full year of World War 1. It reflects the type of celebrations schools were expected to participate in at that time and for some years to come. Alice O,Donnell, the tallest, centre pupil in the group, was to lose her life on the Australian Hospital Ship "Centaur" when it was sunk by a Japanese submarine off the Queensland coast in May, 1943.

Physical description

A monochrome photograph of a small group of pupils at Myrtleford State School 955 in 1915, celebrating Empire Day. Pupils include from left: Isobel Robertson, Linda Croucher, Rene Johnson, Alice O'Donnell, Agnes Collins, Dorrie Peters, Madge O'Donnell.

Inscriptions & markings

Photograph is inscribed: "T. Foxcroft, photo"