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Hop Growers Photograph - "Panlook Boys, 1934"

From the Collection of Myrtleford and District Historical Society 29 Elgin Street Myrtleford Victoria

A sepia-coloured photograph of 30 hop pickers.
25 cm x 15 cm
Object Registration
hop growing. panlooks hop gardens. eurobin
Historical information
The photograph represents the migratory labour force involved in hop growing, the major farm activity on "Panlook's Hop Gardens", Eurobin in 1934. William Panlook a descendant of a Chinese storekeeper on the Buckland Diggings, had originally commenced tobacco growing at the location until devastating frosts and unreliable tobacco prices brought a change in land use.
The photograph represents the transition that occurred from tobacco to hops cultivation in the early 1930s. It is now a permanent feature of the farming landscape at Eurobin. It depicts the reliance on migratory seasonal labour and the importance of local expertise, some of Chinese descent.
Inscriptions & Markings
Inscription: "The Panlook Boys, 1934"
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